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Classroom rentals

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Blair Center's classroom rentals offer artists a dedicated space with basic equipment, including a refrigerator. Cleanliness is mandatory, ensuring a productive and welcoming environment. These rentals are versatile, accommodating a variety of art classes and fostering a supportive atmosphere for artists of all levels. Availability for studio rental space is highest on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but the studios can also be available on weekdays depending on the schedule. For information on availability, please contact us.

Mount Pleasant location

Studio 1 - Daily Fee: $295 | Hourly Fee: $85

Studio 2 - Daily Fee: $160 | Hourly Fee: $45

Studio 3 - Daily Fee: $245 | Hourly Fee: $65

West Ashley location

Main large Studio (open space)  - Daily Fee: $295 | Hourly Fee: $85

Studio A - B - Daily Fee: $245 | Hourly Fee: $65

Studio C - Daily Fee: $160 | Hourly Fee: $45



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